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  • Arch Flexor Foot Stretcher


    The Arch Flexor

    This is a foot stretching train tool which is designed for Ballet Dancers, Gymnasts and Swimmers.

    Designed specifically to create the desired arch in a safe, natural and comfortable position.

    Made with the highest quality materials.  Highest quality wood that will not warp. . Best quality fabrics. 

    How to use the Arch Flexor

    The Arch Flexor along with the LegLock system is the most advanced foot stretcher system on the market today. 

    Using the leglock system holds you leg in position providing a proper and natural stretch..

    Place your foot under the elasticized band.  Rest your heel onto the padded area, setting you up for the best and most comfortable stretch. Using the unique StrechLock band allows for an even greater stretch potential.

    Available in intermediate, advanced level, superior

    • Two levels available . Intermediate, Advanced
    • Highest quality foot sleeve made from strongest resistant bands available.  
    • LegLock system- Detachable leg lock strap. Extra wide for the best comfort and stability
    • Featuring NuFoam. A type of memory foam.