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    Arch Genie Pro- 

    The most advanced foot stretcher from this line.  Enhanced arch support and extra heel cushioning.  Includes carrying bag.

    The Arch Genie™II. With the Arch Genie™II, you get the best of our original Arch Genie™ combined with the new advanced heel comfort system for a more enjoyable stretch.



    The Arch Genie Pro foot stretcher and arch stretcher is hand-crafted from the best possible materials and is constructed to ensure comfortable, repetitive use as you seek to perfect your foot arch!  This generation has twice the heel comfort and a reinforced foot sleeve.

    All Arch Genie's come with a carrying bag.


    * The Arch Genie is a "one size fits all" foot arch stretcher and has been designed to accommodate dancers ages 8 and older.


    * The base material is inflexible, designed to withstand the intense stress of the foot stretch and any wear and tear that may occur from other sources.


    * The base is padded with ergonomic foam to cushion your leg while stretching your foot.


    * The heel area is enhanced with our advanced heel comfort system for a more enjoyable, less painful foot stretch.


    * The foot stretching sleeve is fashioned from durable fabric and will withstand the force of consistent, repetitive arch stretching.