• Bib-it Buttons

    $9.99 $7.99

    Bib-it Buttons-

    Say good-bye to safety pins and hello to Bib-it Buttons!

    Superior strength, magnetic clothing buttons that provide an alternative and safe way to fasten and secure your bib numbers to your convention wear or costume. 

    Choose either the 1" or  1.25" Round Clothing Magnetic buttons. Comes with a removable magnetic disc that connects the button to your clothes with the power of very small, incredibly strong magnets.

    The magnet is removed to place a garment in between, then replaced on the back of the button underneath your clothing. Ideal for retail stores and restaurants where name-tags are a must but pin-holes are a bust. 

    Each set comes complete with a 4 pack of buttons.

    Mix and match colors or add special edition packs.