• Cosmetic bag for compeition

    $15.00 $11.99

    Cosmetic bags like no other. 

    Specially designed for maximum storage and heavy duty use!

    Tired of lugging around those big heavy cosmetic boxes?  Store bought cases not quite serving your needs?  

    Designed by a dance mom to carry all of your cosmetics and more.  Complete organization. Everything stays in place.  No more digging, no more mess. Add to Car 

    • The bright bold color make the bag easy to find in the deep recesses of your dance bag.
    • 13 deep pockets and wide storage compartments! 
    • Washable, durable and lightweight
    • Padded for extra protection of delicate make-up

    **Add our Mermaid Eyelash applicator and $ave

    Our stylish eyelash applicators are made of Steel. The bright, bold colors and pattern makes it easy and quick to find!