• Costume Garment bags

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    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    Costume Garment bags-


    Everything you've always wanted in a garment bag is finally available.

    When you care about quality, longevity and pretty too. . . then our garment bags are the right choice for you.

    We are the only company who can say that our customers have more than 8 seasons of use. You won't ever have to buy a garment bag again!

    • Clear vinyl panel for easy viewing of costume
    • 2 side by side zippered clear pockets to quickly locate shoes, accessories, etc. 
    • 1 elongated privacy zippered pocket to store incidentals, hairspray. . .

    All enveloped in a breathable durable fabric that will protect it's precious cargo.

    The length, it's not too long or too short. Think of Goldylocks and three bears. . . "It's just right."


    Available in 11 bold colors


    Now with side and front entry zipper option
    • Strawberry Pink with Black zipper
    • Red w/Black zipper
    • Black w/Black zipper
    • Black w/White zipper
    • Black w/Gray zipper
    • Caribbean Blue w/matching or Black zipper
    • Sapphire Blue w/matching or Black zipper
    • Pinot Noir Purple w/matching or Black zipper
    • NEW! Black w/Red zipper
    • NEW! Black w/Caribbean blue zipper
    • NEW! Taffy Pink w/Lavender zipper
    • NEW! Royal Blue w/black zipper
    • NEW! Royal Blue w/blue zipper

    • Coordinating color is the same color as the bag.  Blue w/blue etc.
    ***Name Personalization is a Name ADD ON option. There is an additional fee of $12.00 per bag for this option. A costume garment bag MUST be purchased to receive any personalization. Simply click on the link or visit the name add on page for details and ordering information.

    **The Level UP Dance Supply logo is on the back of each bag.

    Garment bags are non-fundable unless there is a warranty issue.