• Diva Dolly Bubble Lighted Cosmetic case


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    This item is out of stock


    The new Bubble Lighted Cosmetic Case. With its strong PVC exterior, The Bubble Lighted Cosmetic Case is strong, protecting your makeup and cosmetic tools. This Lighted Cosmetic Case is what every traveling Diva needs to doll-up for any event. It is chic, compact and ultra cute! The four cool-light bulbs create the perfect lighting on the go! Although compact, the Bubble Lighted Cosmetic Case stores every cosmetic essential for traveling. The Bubble Lighted Cosmetic Case is a head turner gliding so easily with sleek universal wheels. 

     The Bubble Lighted Cosmetic Case:

    • Size: 16.5" Length, 9" Width, 13.4" Height
    • Exterior Shell: 100% PC, lightweight & strong
    • Zinc-Alloy Lock for Durability and Safety
    • A Retractable/Telescoping Handle for Extra Durability
    • Universal Wheels
    • Black PU leather-like interior for the Full Lining
    • A Mirror with 4 dimming bulbs with a cool light with a lifetime of 30,000 hours
    • An Interior Tray that Pulls Expands to 2 sides 
    • Powered by Electrical Cord
    • Airline Carry-on Compatible