• Glam'r Gear


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    Glam'r Gear 

    A dressing room on wheels!

    There is an additional fee for a curtain. You may add a curtain via the drop down menu if you would like to purchase.

    Featuring a built-in rack system with an optional curtain.  

    • Large front insulated pocket to keep food cool or hot
    • Side pocket and latch strap to hold a folding chair
    • Adjustable height rack
    • Keep your bag closed while the rack is in use

    Accessories can be added to your purchase

    1. Mirror
    2. LED MIrror
    3. Cosmetic case
    4. Backpack
    5. Name Patch

    • Standard: Approx. 26" L x 16" W x 17" H ( 5 + costumes hanging)
    • Large: Approx. 33" L x 18" W x 19" H ( 10 + costumes hanging )

    Covers now available in standard and large
    • A great way to protect your bag in the off season or for traveling

    • To expedite any warranty issues you can contact Glam'r Gear directly. If you require assistance or are in need of your RMA receipt number, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.
    • Your Glam'r Gear has a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase for the bag, and 6 months for the top bar. The warranty covers manufacturing defects only. 
    • Not covered: wheels (we strongly suggest you do not drag wheels up/down stairs, roll over uneven terrain such as gravel, cobblestone, etc., try to avoid carpeting with any noticeable pile, check for other obstructions, such as hair, before continuing to use the bag), and no more than 50-lb weight including bag), handle, damages caused by any misuse, transportation, normal wear and tear, prolonged exposure to extreme temperature, or any damage caused by accident. The structural integrity of telescoping elements naturally decreases the further they are extended, and it is possible that you may experience some leaning while in use. This condition is normal and is not covered by the warranty. We can not and do not promise or warrant that the product will be or remain 100% cosmetically flawless.  Please note that the top bar is for hanging garments only, and the extensions are not intended for hanging anything except the uHide® privacy curtain. Warranty coverage is for repair or replacement, as determined case by case (photos may be requested). Please contact Glam'r Gear for warranty service. An RMA number is required when purchased from a retail outlet.  If you do not have the original shipping box (for a Changing Station™), then it will be necessary for you to purchase the item again.  Once you receive the new item, please ship the original item back to us using the new shipping box.  As soon as we receive the return, we will issue a refund of the new purchase.
    • This warranty is non-transferable and covers only the original buyer from the date of purchase.