• Harlequin Portable Turnboad


    Harlequin portable Turnboard.

    The wood side of this product was designed specifically for percussive dancers and therefore provides exceptional sound, is solid underfoot and is the perfect size to practice those variations at home.

    The Harlequin Turning Board features a Marley surface on one side and solid birchwood on the other side. Simply flip over to change the surface. Ideal for ballet, jazz, modern, turns and even pointe work.  Portable, take it on the road for competitions and conventions or use at home 

    Exterior grade birch plywood, topped on one side with Harlequin’s slip-resistant Reversible dance vinyl, which is used by the likes of Burn The Floor, to give a choice of surfaces to practice on. It can be laid down to protect existing flooring or for practise in a carpeted bedroom. It also comes with a convenient handle so you can easily transport your tap turning board around.

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    Made of 9 ply Grade A maple veneer with UV protection lacquer surface.
    36”H X 31 3/8”W X 3/4”D
    20 lbs