• Pirouette by KnK Miami

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    Pirouette Mini and Premium 

    The Pirouette Mini is designed to help dancers develop proper body alignment and balance while turning. We consider our smaller Pirouette Mini the perfect tool for entry-level dancers (especially those that do not spin on relevé) and athletes. It features a concealed metal spinning mechanism mounted onto a non-skidding lower platform. The upper platform is lined with a non-slip cushion for added comfort while turning. 

    Consider the larger Pirouette Premium to be the perfect tool for advanced 

    The Pirouette Mini is a smaller version of the Pro.  It is a more portable model and is especially suitable for beginners who are just beginning to turn.

    For the more advanced Intermediate dancers the Premium is recommended.  

    The Pirouette Preminum is higher off the ground and requires more challenging weight distribution. The Pro is more appropriate for intermediate, experienced dancers who are already turning on releve.


    • Holds up to 500 lbs.
    • Stays in place during spinning.
    • Non-skid and non-slipping.
    • Acrylic treatment that repels moisture.

    Details:  Mini

    • 10"L x 10"W x 2"H
    • 2.375 lbs

    Details:  Premium

    • 12"L X 12"W X 2"H
    • 6.875 lbs
    Make it a Bundle Pack- Additional fee of $20.00
    • Rep Counter
    • Replacement cushion