• Pliante' Collapsible w/USB Port integration


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    The Pliante' with USB Port Integration

    The 1st dance bag to offer USB port integration!

    The Pliante' (French for collapsible)  Charge your phone, iPad, etc. on the go.

    Designed to store all of your costume and gear, then collapse and fold for easy storage on or offseason.

    Lined from top to bottom with superior thick lush padding. Superior zippers throughout and plenty of pockets and compartments for organization inside and out. 

    • USB port integration
    • Large roomy interior  
    • Matching color interior liner, zippers and trim 
    • Multiple storage pockets and compartments inside and out
    • Cooler pocket
    • Click in place rack and side pole system
    • Features include 11 zipped pockets and compartments, more than any other brand.
    • The lid and bottom is lined with a super thick 5mm padding

    2 convenient sizes

    • Medium holds up to 12 costumes. 28 x 18 x 14
    • Large holds up to 18 costumes. 31 x 17 x 13

    4 colors-Black base with trim, matching zippers, and interior liner

    • Caribbean Blue
    • Barbie Pink
    • Electric Purple
    • Cadet Grey

    **Power Bank charger is NOT included