• Pliante' V2 Collapsible Dance bag. Curtain Included!


    Pliante V2 Collapsible Dance bag with USB port

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    Our newest version of the Pliante' collapsible dance bag.

    What's new!

    • Interior lid now has 3 zipped mesh compartments
    • Matching curtain included
    • Slid in support rods
    • Completely adjustable rack height with a "Flip Lock" system
    • Matching Colored wheels
    • Brilliant New colors
    • Name patch is included (Located inside the cooler pocket)

    **Personalization is an added fee. Click this Name LINK for options.


    • USB Port integration
    • Large room interior
    • Matching color liner, zippers and trim
    • Multiple storage pockets and compartments inside and outside of the bag
    • Cooler pocket
    • Large, end to end, rear zipped pocket
    • Padded lid and bottom

    Add an accessory to your order for or make it a Combo pack for Big Savings!

    **Combo Pack items include

    • Mirror
    • Cosmetic bag (If choosing Black, then the cosmetic bag will match the bag)
    • Garment bag w/hanger (Standard size)
    • Cozy Blanket 
    • Collapsible water bottle

    **Mini Costume garment bags are a Black base with colored zipper. Front and side zipper entry

    **Standard Garment bag has both front and side zipper entry

    ** A Patch for name is included with purchase.

    Adding a name to the patch is an additional fee. Products (such as velcro) are required to affix the patch. Name patch will vary in material and is Not an exact match. Names are professionally heat pressed.


    • 28 x18 x14
    • Holds up to 16 costumes plus gear


    How to Setup your Pliante’ V2 dance bag

    Thank you for purchasing the Pliante’ V2 collapsible dance bag. The first bag of its kind to provide USB Port integration!

    In your bag you will find a pouch with a total of 5 metal rods.

    • There are two interior support rods, "A." These make the bag rigid
    • Two additional rods, "B" which are the adjustable side rack rods. Each rod has two "Flip Locks"
    • One single rod, "C" (shortest rod). This is the top crossbar rack
    1. Locate the pouch that stores the bars
    2. Find the "A" rods (interior support rods) and slide into the slotted areas. There are in total, 4 slotted ares which are located inside the bag. You may need to pull back the interior liner on the sides (this is velcro'd) to expose the slots.
    3. Locate the "B" rods (side rack rods). Insert into its support housing. There are two support housings on each side of the bag. Make sure that each rod goes completely through both of the support openings and all the way to the base/bottom of the bag. 
    4. Slide rod "C" the top crossbar rack, into the slotted openings. These are located on the inside of the side rack rods.


         1.Open all of the “Flip Lock” tabs (flip outward). There are 2 tabs on each rod

         2.Release the top push button

         3. Pull up rods to the desired height

         4. Flip the locks back into place (flip inward)


    1. Flip the locks inward to unlock
    2. Release the top push button 

    U   USB Port Integration- Located on the right outside pocket you will see the USB portal. Unzip the pocket. Inside, at the top is a zippered compartment. Unzip this pocket. Locate the USB connecting wire. Place into the portal housing.

    **Power banks are NOT included

    Watch the Pliante’ how to setup video on youtube, or on our website