• Pointe On Foot Stretcher

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    Pointe On Foot Stretcher 

    Foot stretchers along with ballet stretch bands are indispensable training tools to help achieve a beautiful and flexible foot. 

    Perfect for travel, competition and in your dance bag for daily use

    The Pointe On Foot stretcher is a multi purpose training tool which helps to increase range of motion and flexibility.

    What's in the box

    • Base unit
    • Detachable Muscle Massage Stick
    • Full size  Adjustable neoprene Slip on sleeve for maximum comfort
    • 2 Heel pads
    • 1 Tension leg lock band
    • 1 Carrying case with loop

    3 colors

    • Raspberry
    • Black
    • Caribbean Blue

    Any stretching of the front of the arch must be felt as a gentle stretch spread over a wide area. It should never be felt as pain, or as a focused stretch at one point.

    Important things to remember when using any kind of foot stretcher:

    1. Only use it for a couple of minutes. Yes, literally 2-3 minutes. When you use a foot stretcher, you're attempting to stretch or lengthen soft tissue/ligaments that aren't typically meant to stretch. Over stretching can happen quickly and can be damaging long-term.
    2. Never force anything. If you feel like you cannot straighten your leg any farther or last any longer, that means you probably can't. Don't force your body to "work through it." Take your foot out and rest!
    3. Use it at the end of your day, never before class. Using your foot stretcher is not a warm-up activity. This should be used at the end of your dancing for the day. If you stretch your foot before class, you're weakening your foot and creating instability, which means you're more prone to injury.
    4. Always strengthen your feet in addition to stretching. We're talking some serious "foot-ercising." Very targeted exercises that work your intrinsic foot muscles should be the goal (more on this next week), so that you're developing a lot of control throughout your mid foot. "The goal is to create mobility without creating instability," according to Dr. Carrie Skony, a Dance Medicine physician*. This will also help develop your feet for proper roll through, which helps that "peeling" action of the foot in tendu or jumping.