• Professional Ballet Barres


    Standard wall mounted barre -single or double bar & Freestanding Portable bars Kits

    MADE in the USA

    All Standard Ballet Barres are hand-sanded smooth and ready to use. Since they are made of natural wood, grain and coloration may vary. They will all arrive beveled on both ends of the barres, so no sharp edges.

    Wood is the Standard, Traditional Choice

    Wood ballet barres are the preferred and standard traditional choice in the professional ballet industry. Unlike metal or plastic barres, the natural product will absorb sweat (won’t get slippery) and provide slight flexibility. This slight flexibility in wood barres provide anti-stress on joints, especially on the ballet barre method training. In ballet, barres are typically used for balance only so dancers learn to hold their own weight.

    Why choose this barre system over other brands? Quality, design,durability, usability and dependability.

    • Craftsmanship and the highest quality components go into each and every barre, frame and mount.
    • Simplistic and ingenious in design, allowing for 100% barre space usability while providing for the most stable unencumbered support system. Securing the barre to a screw on mount eliminates interference of sectioned metal support mounts as well as decreasing the barres tendency to warp overtime. 
    • The company, established in 1952, is the largest manufacturer of ballet barres in the USA  and provides superior customer service.

    Barre Height

    Traditionally, a ballet barre should be approximately waist height of the us .However, the following statistics are very popular:

    • Single Barre Height*:    32” – 46” from floor (waist level)
    • Double Barre Height*:  32” – 34” lower barre; 44” – 46” from the floor for upper barre Distance from Wall to Barre:Inside = 7-1/4” (approx)Outside = 9” (approx)
    • * “Barre height” is the distance (height) between the floor and the barre, or  more simply, how high your barre is off of the ground.
    Barre Length Bracket Number & Spacing
    4’ Barre: 2 brackets spaced 32” apart (8” overhang)
    6’ Barre: 2 brackets spaced 48” apart (12” overhang)
    ORDERING instructions-Wall Mount
    1. Single or Double Barre 
    2. Barre length and wood type
    3. Wall Mount style-Fixed has 4 color options (Ships as a set)
    4. Adjustable-Single or Double barre. Only available in chrome. See photos 6 & 7
    Portable Frame-
    This is a kit which comes with the mounts. 
    1. Order barre length.

    Photo #5 is the Single barre frame.

    Photo # 2 is the Double barre frame

    ** Oak or Maple barres are available for an additional fee. Send us an email for a quote

    Ballet Barre Kits – Free Standing include:

    • (Single Barre Kit) 1 ballet barre, free standing frame, hardware and instructions, or
    • (Double Barre Kit) 2 ballet barres, free standing frame, hardware and instructions.