• Rack Monsters dance bag-Grande


    Rack Monsters Dance bag

    An advanced system designed for the maximum capacity in a small space.

    • Made with the highest quality components.
    • Featuring 3 large zippered external pockets. 
    • Two large zippered pockets on the interior lid and 3 additional pockets in the interior. 
    • Adjustable rack size extending up to 34 inches wide.
    • Locking double quad wheels for stability and support. 
    • Flexible handles on the top and the side of the bag. Trolley handle is built for a heavy duty bag allowing you to push or pull the bag while gliding on a superior wheel system.
    • Side and rear protective skid rails
    • The entire bag is supported by a full steel frame and an additional aluminum frame making this a super solid bag!
    • Currently offering a 26 inch bag which designed to comfortably hold at least 8 costumes inside. 

    • Featuring an additional one inch of zippered expandable area

    Simple rack system.  

    • A 3 piece, solid steel rack, requiring some assembly. 
    • The interior is beautiful, bold and bright so that you can easily and quickly see all of the packed contents.

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    Three colors, Black, Glitter Elite Purple or Glitter Elite Hot Pink.  All bags are trimmed in a stunning neon green trim.


    • 26 inches in height.  Designed to be just the right height, not too tall and not too short.
    • 18 inches wide.  Fits a full size hanger.
    • 10 inches in depth with a 1 inch zip/unzip expansion.  Adequate to store the suggested amount of costumes with D-rings to hold the costumes in place
    • Weight is approximately 15 lbs
    **This item will ship via USPS or Fedex. Carrier depends on shipping destination.
    Jennifer F.
    Rack monster 
    My daughter loves the rack monster! Is it so big and going to be perfect for competition!!! So happy with my purchase.

    Margaret T
    Great bag. Small footprint 
    Margaret T. ★★★★★ Great bag. Small footprint We have 2 of these bags. One for each girl. They have used them for several competitions and for several recital shows. The bag easily accommodated 8 costumes including full length costumes. It could be used in tight spaces because of its small footprint. The rack is very sturdy and the bag does not tip over from the weight of the costumes. For quick changes, the girls just zip the bag half closed & throw their used costume into it, then change into their next costume hanging on their rack. The bag is easy to travel with, behaving just like a spinner suitcase. The Rack Monster served them well this past dance season. We ran into a minor glitch trying to figure out how to get the rack poles into the base that zippers into the suitcase but we realized that the base frame can be gently wiggled so that it comes out of the zipper pockets then the poles can be easily placed. Overall my girls love the rack monster. (Now all I keep hearing about is how much they would love that full length mirror to put on their rack...sigh...)