• Rhinestone Buddy


    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    Rhonestone Buddy

    The perfect companion from novice to pro rhinestoners!

    Designed to alleviate the stress of stretching and stoning at the same time.  Simply place your costume onto the buddy and start stoning. Take anywhere and everywhere. Easy to store when not in use. 

    3 sizes available.  Please see sizing chart to properly choose your buddy.

    • Small  
    • Medium
    • Large

    **Our buddies are sold and shipped Unstuffed.  
    Stuffing is available for purchase for an additional fee. Stuffing can be purchased at any local fabric store, hobby store, etc.
    The purchase of optional stuffing is for convenience only. We do not stuff the buddy. 
    **Stuffing varies in quality and quantity. Our sizing is approximate and can be added or detracted from as needed.

    Jacquelin D.
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    It's great