• Dance Shoe bag

    $11.99 $7.99

    Dance Shoe bags like no other!

    Introducing our newest addition to our private label. Specifically designed to carry and store shoes. As always, we take great pride in providing the best quality, functionality and lowest price products.

    Imagine storing your shoes in one place that's easy to find, carry and allows the shoes to breathe!

    No more digging around a bag and trying to match up your shoes! 

    • Superior quality vinyl
    • Durable zipper
    • Outer walls are a fine mesh permitting shoes to breathe. 
    • Handle allows for a quick easy grab. 
    • The red color gives the bag instant visibility and is gender neutral. 
    • The length and width lends to multiple shoes to be stored in one bag. 
    Nickcole P.
    Dance Shoe Bag 
    This bag is a fantastic way to keep track of shoes for competition. It is a well made shoe bag. My daughter is on a competition team and being able to see what shoe is in each bag makes a mom's life easier when doing quick changes.