• Spring Core Balance Trainer-Lowest price


    Spring Core Balance-by KnK Miami

    The Spring Core Balance is designed to assists dancers with improving balance and stability by strengthening the core and leg muscles while promoting increased ankle range of motion and joint mobility. It features two reinforced 3/8" thick warp-resistant wood circles that conceal heavy-duty industrial-grade metal springs mounted onto a non-skidding lower platform. The upper platform is lined with a non-slip cushion for added comfort and safety while balancing. A little practice goes a long way on the Spring Core Balance!


    Step it up with the Spring Core Balance Premium-2 devices combined together! 

    Combining the functions of the Pirouette Premium and the Spring Core Balance all in one. Additional fees apply
    • Target your turnout
    • Turning
    • Balance 
    • Ankle strength 
    • Hip rotation
    • Back strength 
    • Core strength 
    • Spotting
    •  Muscle memory and control
    • Recycled, treated wood.
    • Rubber (bumpers).
    • Non-skid adhesive.
    • Acrylic (finish).

    Metal spring mechanism (concealed).


    • Holds up to 160 lbs.
    • Non-skid and non-slipping.
    • Acrylic treatment that repels moisture.
    • Heavy-duty.

    Incredibly challenging!


    • 10"L X 10"W X 6"H
    • 4 lbs