• Stretch Blocks


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    Stretching is a key essential part of training for any athlete. 

    The Stretch Block is a gentle helper strength training tool

    The main aim of the block is to lengthen the spine, improve flexibility and support body alignment. These blocks should be strategically placed under the feet, allowing you to intensify your stretches and also achieve the right position without much effort. This is extremely helpful for beginners who do not have the much needed flexibility.

    • By providing support, Stretch Blocks allow your body to maintain the right alignment.
    • They are excellent for reducing distances between the ground and your body.
    • Stretch Blocks help to modify poses according to individual convenience thereby helping you increase the flexibility in your body.
    • With the help of Stretch Blocks your body will go through the least amount of stress and strain.
    • With the help of Stretch Blocks you will easily hold on to difficult poses and for a longer time as well.
    • The risk of straining your muscles as well as injuries is reduced.
    We suggest the popular "Rounder" for the youngest and entry level stretchers.

    Nickcole P.
    Strech blocks 
    My daughter loves her new stretch blocks. The craftsmanship is incredible. Thanks Levelup for stocking incredible products for every dancer's need.